My Frame of Reference is Imporant

While talking about out Frame of Reference in class today, I realized that F.O.R. is what I have been referring to as “my reality”. Everyone’s reality is different based on their life experiences, successes, hard times, the home they grew up in, their parental expectations, friends, family, and colleague interactions. I have had many conversations with my boyfriend on points of view. I can relate to this in the fact that we are two very different people from two very different upbringings. Age, place of birth, role models, income level and values are more things that can affect the way that two different people view the same situation.

In education, F.O.R. awareness is important to be empathetic to all the people we encounter daily– students, parents, administration, and our peer teachers. If effective communication is going to take place there has to be a mutual respect and understanding from all parties involved. This does not mean sympathy, but awareness and tolerance.

About rrenkoski

I am a second year teacher on the salary schedule but I've had plenty of teaching experiences :)
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4 Responses to My Frame of Reference is Imporant

  1. Heidi Erickso says:

    This looks terrific!!!

  2. Hey Rachel your Weblog is looking good! I love the comment about being empathetic not sympathetic with those we work with.

  3. Lindsay Himmelspach says:

    Great looking weblog! Love how professional it looks. 🙂

  4. josie alomia says:

    Rachel blog looks great and easy to access. I find the resources important and very thoughtful… I hope this brings you much success in the future

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