At first I wasn’t really sure what a blog was suppose to be. Now that I’ve played with it a little, I know that it can be just about whatever you want it to be. It can be in a more formal writing style for professional use or a more relaxed journal style. Mostly you are just expressing yourself or sharing information in a more easily accessed form. My blog site, Wish for Sunshine but Build Dykes on WordPress is starting formally but I intend to utilize it next year as a parent and peer resource page. The URL to my site is: (just copy and paste it in your web address bar if you ‘d like to check it out. Many other classmates have created blogs as well for our KINE 515 class. Here are a few URLs to get you to their blogs: Coach Greg Baldwin ( Lindsay H. ( and Lemy! (

We are all mostly just learning to blog. I feel I have really meet my learning curve in the last week. I really did have to just sit down for an entire evening to figure out all terminology and tricks. It is worth it if technology is your sort of thing. Look at the possibilities!

About rrenkoski

I am a second year teacher on the salary schedule but I've had plenty of teaching experiences :)
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  1. Welcome to WordPress. I hope you find your time here rewarding. Enjoy yourself and keep writing.

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