Diversity in P.E.

Diversity can come in so many different forms. We are all righting group papers on that in class! Gender, socio-economic, ability level, and religion are just some of the categories in diversity that will affect essentially who your students are within a class. As a teacher it is important because we have to consider what we are teaching relating to its relevance and usefulness, prior knowledge and experience, and social ideas and expectations in relation to the student and the topic being taught. (haha. that made sense in my head.)

Essentially who we are, where we came from, our beliefs, our experiences, and how something is presented completely affects how we will react to the subject–whether that be accepting it, rejecting it, being excited about it, not caring one way or the other about it… and things like that.

If we can truly understand diversity in our classroom our lesson plans and actually implementing the lesson will go much smoother because we will be more prepared for all possible outcomes.

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I am a second year teacher on the salary schedule but I've had plenty of teaching experiences :)
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