Finally an APE


I got a bus!  I am a traveling APE teacher!  I have plenty of equipment.  I have two lovely colleagues.  My mind is a blur.  I have 5 schools to service and 34 kids on my caseload.  Seems managable right?  🙂

Completed my first TRI assessment.  Typed my first report.  Sent it to case manager and psych.  Done!  Right?  Wrong.  Psych says report is in wrong format.  Case manager says update goals and change dates on Services Offers of FAPE… ok.  try again.  Save APE report as PDF— Bam!  There you go psych!  Psych says NO.  Damn.  Ok try again.  Use snip it tool to take picture of Google doc report… ohhh psych….?  Did it work?  Waiting.  TRI Thursday….

Kick back, it’s 4pm.  Stop thinking about all the things you havn’t done.  Stop thinking about all the things you should be doing.  You will do them tomorrow during assessment time.  BUT in the back of your head you know there is no way you could actually accomplish every thing you need to get done in one 2 hour block.   Cheeese and rice.

Smile and pretend you’re makin it.

About rrenkoski

I am a second year teacher on the salary schedule but I've had plenty of teaching experiences :)
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